Customer Comments

Tim Massingale

I just got my PC back from CPU Vet and it is working great. Thank You very much.

Mid-Valley Gleaners

I am the coordinator for the Mid-Valley Gleaners. CPU Vet does all of my personal computer repairs and the repairs for Mid-Valley Gleaners. They are even building us a new web site at a heavily discounted price, since we are a non-profit organization. CPU Vet even did the all of the research for the hosting and found us a great host that will host our non-profit web site for free.

Mj's Lawn Care

CPU Vet is awesome. I get all my computer work done with them. I live in Bend and they just take control of my computer through the internet and take care of business. They also got my web site started and showed me how to create my own business page on Facebook.

Camas Creek Antiques

CPU Vet has been invaluable in keeping our Business machines working properly!

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